“The 100 Collective” making owning original artwork accessible to all - with a series of 100 original artworks available at affordable prices to allow people to own and sell on a secondary market as investment opportunities or to enjoy the ownership of original works. The first series in February 2023 sold out across 40 countries globally.

This second series in October 2023 had been a collaboration with Liverpool Audio Network as a progression to their “History of House” educational radio show series with Melodic Distraction. The concept was to explore the roots / origins of house music from Black and Latin LGBT+ roots, New York Disco, Chicago House and Detroit Techno - and their influence and impact on modern day culture, politics and music.
With Liverpool Audio Network large network of leading Electronic Music Industry key players, Liverpool Audio Network curated a playlist of 100 “tracks that shapes house music” as selected by DJ’s and producers around the world, to which Neil Keating then created 100 original artworks inspired by each individual 100 tracks.
The artwork was created with Keatings unique style in bold and vibrant colours on black paper to represent the colour and vibrancy the people and music bring to dark warehouses, night clubs and dance floors. The emotive nature of dance music is represented visually in Keatings work.
The second series of The 100 Collective has been In collaboration with Dorothy Studio in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle region.

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