Cosmos COMUNITY is an events program that provides a platform for nurturing local artists & musicians in the form of collaborative projects,  events & exhibitions. With a strong focus on promoting diversity & inclusivity.
Working together with artists, grassroots musicians, sports teams and organisations in Liverpool, WHICH continually strives to offer platforms to artists of all disciplines and celebrate the under represented talent in the city. Keating also holds a strong reputation for his work with local independent businesses within Merseyside and global brands within the City
 Founded in 2018 in Liverpool, Astral is a multi- genre music platform exploring various sounds from jazz through to club- focused electronic music. 
Built on an ethos of bringing a broad range of obscure and underrepresented sonic pallets to the city, and proud of its roots, their work with Keating has flourished into an exciting creative partnership producing events, art, streetwear and more.
Liverpool Audio Network 
Liverpool Audio Network is a grassroots organisation in Liverpool dedicated to supporting the Electronic Music community in the North West, providing support, education and connectivity to their community, as well as providing a platform to under represented groups in the music industry.  Their events and weekly open decks nights offer a platform for all genders, races, ages, abilities and electronic music genres.
Liverpool Audio Network's radio series "History of House" is dedicated to celebrating the underground black and gay roots of house music with an educational look into the history and origins of electronic music genres, venues and artists
Grassroots Liverpool musician ‘Dowd’ and Keating came together for their first event in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, kickstarting a collaboration to bring about grassroots music events, visual art, clothing & music. 
DJs from various local brands and independent venues such as 24 Kitchen Street, Jacaranda Record Store collaborated to offer a platform to local artists.

Make Thread
Make Thread Sustainable sourced fashion brand partnered with Keating for all Cosmos merchandise production to ensure ethical and environmentally friendly products.
Cosmos apparel is a clothing brand that brings a unique focus on breakthrough artists & creatives in Liverpool. Artist Neil Keating & electronic music producer Dowd collaborate to design a limited edition tee to celebrate the launch of the debut EP coming out of Record Label Programmed to Feel.

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